Get a Lexile Text Measure

Connecting with Lexile text measurements

There are numerous books, articles and resources with Lexile measures available for educators, parents and students to utilize. From popular book distributors like Barnes & Noble to school libraries, Lexile measured resources are closer than you may think. Lexile measures provide more than a way to pick the right text for a student to read. They are powerful tools for targeting instruction and improving achievement across grade levels and content areas.

Who are our partners?

We work with hundreds of partners — tradebook, textbook and school library publishers, catalog automation service providers, periodical database service providers, book sellers and distributors, and more — to measure texts used daily in classrooms across the the world, at home, and in the library. Please see the left sidebar to learn more about our partners that provide Lexile text measures.

BookSellers & Distributors

The following booksellers and distributors supply hundreds of thousands of titles with Lexile measures to customers, schools and libraries worldwide. Many include a “search by Lexile measure” feature.

  • AKJ Education
  • Amazon
  • American Reading Company
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Booksource
  • Bound to Stay Bound
  • Children's Literature Comprehensive Database
  • Children's Plus, Inc.
  • Classroom Library Company
  • Davidson Titles Inc® 
  • EPIC! Creations
  • ePlatform
  • Everbind
  • Findaway
  • Follett School Solutions, Inc.
  • Ingram Content Group LLC
  • Junior Library Guild
  • Kaeden Books
  • OverDrive®
  • Perma-Bound® Books
  • Prestwick House
  • Steps to Literacy®
  • Tales2Go®

Catalog Automation Partners

The nation’s leading library automation service providers integrate Lexile measures into school library catalogs and databases.

  • Alexandria LIbrary Automation Software
  • Backstage Library Works
  • Baker & Taylor
  • BiblioCommons
  • Biblionix
  • Book Systems®
  • E. F. Library Services
  • Follett School Solutions, Inc.
  • Ingram Content Group LLC
  • Insignia Software
  • Mackin
  • Mandarin Library Automation, Inc.
  • MARCIVE® Inc.
  • MediaLog
  • Mitinet Library Services™
  • ResourceMate® 
  • SirsiDynix®
  • SkyRiver
  • Surpass Software
  • The Library Corporation
  • OCLC®: WorldCat

Content aggregator partners

The nation’s largest periodical database services provide a wide range of materials with Lexile measures to school libraries and teachers everywhere.

Periodicals Database Aggregators:

  • Beanstack
  • Britannica Digital Learning
  • EBSCO Publishing
  • Gale: CENGAGE Learning
  • NewsBank™ Inc.
  • ProQuest®

Web Content Aggregators:

  • Grolier Online™
  • netTrekker®

Mobile/Desktop Book Search Apps

The following apps use Lexile leveling to match readers with level-appropriate books.

  • Classroom Library Company: Book Retriever
  • FikesFarm LLC: Literacy Leveler™
  • KTL Mobile Apps LLC: Level It Books™
  • MetaMetrics: "Find a Book" Beta
  • Unbound Concepts: Artifact

Reading Programs & Item Banks

These online literacy platforms provide Lexile-leveled, interactive, digital instructional materials to students, teachers and administrators.

  • American Reading Company
  • Big Universe
  • Bookopolis
  • BrightFish Learning
  • Castle Learning
  • Certica Solutions
  • Fluence
  • IntraData- ReadnQuiz
  • Istation
  • Key Data Systems
  • Learn2Earn
  • Lexia®
  • LightSail
  • Measured Progress
  • Mindy’s Bookworms
  • Press4kids - News-O-Matic
  • Reading Horizons® Discovery™
  • Reading Horizons® Elevate™
  • ReadingVine
  • ReadTheory
  • ReadWorks
  • StudySync® 
  • ThinkCERCA
  • Top Score Writing
  • WebPath Express - Follett

Social Networking Catalog Partners

These social networking sites allow students, teachers and parents to connect with their friends, create library-quality catalogs and share their booklists.

  • BiblioNasium
  • Learn2Earn
  • Library Thing
  • Library Thing for Libraries

Web Portals

These innovative, digital learning portals integrate Lexile measures, creating engaging student lessons and professional learning services.

  • Knovation
  • netTrekker®