Publishers and the Lexile measure

Measuring your texts can provide you with a competitive advantage for selling more books and ensure readers are connected with materials that are the right fit for their reading abilities. Lexile measures are globally recognized as the standard for matching readers with text. When it comes to picking a book, article or resource over another, a Lexile measure can make all the difference. Lexile measures simplify choices for educators, parents and children by helping them select books and other materials that are targeted to a reader's unique ability level and reading goals.

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Lexile Measures and the Common Core Standards

Nearly all states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. But do you know what this means for publishers like yourself?

In short, the Standards emphasize the importance of text complexity in assessing student "readiness" for college and careers. Our research (in Appendix A, PDF 880KB) reveals a gap between high school graduates' reading abilities and the typical text demands of their academic and professional pursuits. Bridging this gap is key to achieving college and career readiness. The Standards for English Language Arts name Lexile measures as key indicators of text complexity and provide Lexile bands for reading comprehension development by grade level to ensure students are preparing for the text demands of college and careers as they progress through school. These bands can help guide you in developing instructional resources at the appropriate ability and grade levels. They can ensure that your materials are aligned with the Standards and make them more appealing to states looking to secure new classroom resources that support college- and career-ready expectations.

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