Lexile Growth Planner

As a parent or educator, you may wonder if a child will be prepared for the reading requirements of college and the workplace upon graduation. The Lexile Growth PlannerTM provides some insight on this topic. With the Lexile Growth PlannerTM, you can chart a child’s reading growth across different annual state assessments, forecast future reading growth, compare that forecasted reading growth with the text demands of college and careers, and, if needed, identify a custom growth path to ensure the child graduates college and career ready.

How can the Lexile Growth PlannerTM help me?

Simply enter the child’s Lexile measure reported from an annual state assessment and the date the test was taken. Annual state assessments, sometimes called “End of Grade (EOG)” or “End of Course (EOC)” tests, are assessments that are administered each year by your state department of education for school accountability purposes. If you are unsure of the exact date the test was taken, please just estimate it. The tool allows you to enter a Lexile measure for each grade beginning at 3rd grade, when state testing is often introduced.

Based on past reading performance described in Lexile measures, the Lexile Growth PlannerTM forecasts future reading growth. You can use this projected growth path to determine if the child will graduate college and career ready. If the forecasted growth path falls short of college and career readiness, the tool presents a growth path of recommended yearly gains to close the gap. The Lexile Growth PlannerTM selects the growth path that best matches the student's Lexile measures. Like any predictive algorithm, providing more data typically improves the accuracy of the projection.  

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How can I help a child grow as a reader?

A great way for a child to improve his or her independent reading skill is to read books that are targeted to his or her comprehension ability and interests. Lexile measures help to match readers with engaging texts that fit their unique abilities. To find books that match your child’s Lexile range, visit to try our free, online "Find A Book" tool.

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