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MetaMetrics® developed The Lexile® Framework for Writing to work together with The Lexile® Framework for Reading. Both tools correspond to the same scale, but it’s typical for students’ Lexile writing measures to be lower than their reading measures — most of us read at a higher level than we write.

Using Lexile writing measures and Lexile reading measures helps improve both reading and writing. It’s a circular process. The more you read, the better you write, and the upward cycle continues.

It’s typically difficult to assess writing progress, which is where Lexile measures for writing become such a valuable tool. Lexile writer measures help you accurately analyze student writing abilities, communicate progress to parents, develop plans to help students achieve their goals and monitor growth.

Elementary school students writing in their classroom.

One of the most essential skills for college and career readiness is the ability to communicate in writing.

How Lexile Writer Measures Work

The Lexile Framework for Writing evaluates student writing ability based on:

  • Semantic complexity — the difficulty level of the words used, and;
  • Syntactic sophistication — how the student uses those words in sentences.

Just like the reading measure, students receive Lexile writer measures from classroom and standardized assessments.

See which writing assessments and programs offer Lexile writer measures.

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