Licensing the Lexile Career Database

What is the Lexile Career Database?

The Lexile Career Database contains Lexile measures for over 250 careers as well as important descriptive information for each career and is now available for integration into your product or service. The database is a result of years of research examining the text complexity of a variety of reading materials in various domains of the postsecondary experience. 

With the Lexile Career Database, students can identify the reading ability needed for a desired career and use this information to inform goal setting such that career readiness is achieved. It is the only metric available to compare and describe reading demands of careers.

How do I license the Lexile Career Database?

The Lexile Career Database is available for integration into partner products and services. For more information please contact Trilby Berger, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at

Additional information about the Lexile Career Database

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