Licensing the Lexile Titles Database

What is the Lexile Titles Database™?

MetaMetrics offers an expansive database of measured texts that is available to download. The Lexile Titles Database contains more than 255,000 informational and literary titles from hundreds of publishers and this number continues to grow. There are separate databases for the English Titles Database and Spanish Titles Database, both of which are available for integration into your product or service.

Who licenses the Lexile Titles Database?

Numerous educational companies license the database to provide Lexile measures for their product and services. These educational companies include:

Why license the Lexile Titles Database?

Licensing the English and/or Spanish Titles Database allows you to seamlessly integrate Lexile measures into your product or service. Benefits of licensing the Titles Database include:

  • Ability to populate your book data, library records, website and catalogues with Lexile text measures
  • Ability to create search by Lexile features
  • Connecting your product users with appropriate books

How do I license the Lexile Titles Database?

It’s simple! To license either the English or Spanish Titles Database, please contact Trilby Berger, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at

Interested in licensing the Lexile Titles Database for your school or district?

Educators are able to license the database free of charge. Click here to learn more.