Licensing the Professional Lexile Analyzer

What is the Professional Lexile Analyzer®?

The Professional Lexile Analyzer allows educational companies to utilize the Lexile Analyzer® to analyze text with a length of over 1,000 words for internal development purposes. The Lexile measure of text is determined using the Lexile Analyzer, a software program that evaluates the reading demand—or readability—of books, articles and other materials. The Lexile Analyzer measures the complexity of the text by breaking down the entire piece and studying its characteristics, such as sentence length and word frequency, which represent the syntactic and semantic challenges that the text presents to a reader. The outcome is the text complexity, expressed as a Lexile measure, along with information on the word count, mean sentence length and mean log frequency.

Why license the Professional Lexile Analyzer?

Licensing the Professional Lexile Analyzer allows you to analyze the reading demands of books, articles, passages and other texts as a Lexile measure. The Professional Lexile Analyzer is a web-based tool that determines the Lexile measure of professionally edited, complete, conventional prose text.

How do I license the Professional Lexile Analyzer?

To license the Professional Lexile Analyzer, please contact Trilby Berger, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at

Additional information about the Professional Lexile Analyzer

Using the Professional Lexile Analyzer

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