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One of the most critical skills for college and career readiness is being able to communicate in writing. Another Lexile Framework, The Lexile® Framework for Writing, helps educators accelerate your child’s writing skills.

How Your Child’s Writing Improves With Lexile Writer Measures

Lexile measures for writing are on the same scale as Lexile measures for reading and text. It’s normal for a student’s Lexile writer measure to be lower than their Lexile reader measure. A student might measure 1240L in reading, but write at 1120L, since students usually read and comprehend at a higher level than they can write.

A teacher might use your child’s Lexile writer measure to provide personalized reading materials and writing activities to accelerate growth in language arts. Since reading more helps improve writing, the process is cyclical: they read more, their writing improves and the cycle continues. The best part about Lexile writer measures is that they give you a consistent measure that shows how your child’s writing is progressing over time, so you and your child’s teacher can easily assess writing improvement.