Resource measurement

MetaMetrics has developed scientifically valid processes to establish a certified Lexile® or Quantile® measure for reading and mathematics materials.

Lexile resource measurement (English and Spanish)

MetaMetrics offers a range of services and online utilities that testing and instructional companies, publishers and registered users can use to determine the Lexile measure of a text, such as a book or article. Lexile resource measurement utilizes the Lexile Analyzer to determine the reading demand of the text. The Lexile Analyzer is available in either a full-service or self-service text measurement model or can be licensed for inclusion in a third-party application. The Lexile Book Database can also be licensed for publication. For more information, contact Lauren Whitehead, Text Measurement Manager, at 919-547-3426 or .

Readability of tests

Using the Lexile Framework, various forms of an assessment can be analyzed for readability. MetaMetrics can examine how the reading difficulty of a test changes over time and how it compares to other reading assessments of a similar nature. The company can also compare the reading demand of a content-area assessment with that of a reading test at the same level, or an assessment written in Spanish versus one written in English.

For more information on MetaMetrics customized consulting services, contact Trilby Berger, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, at 919-547-3427 or .