Become A Lexile-Certified Trainer

Does your organization offer professional development for Reading Teachers, Literacy Specialists, Principals, District Administrators, Teachers, or Media Specialists? Is your organization looking to enhance its professional development offerings by adding information on The Lexile Framework for Reading? MetaMetrics – the developer of the Lexile Framework – is now offering 1 day Lexile certification courses for qualified organizations. Our Lexile-Certified Training course provides:

  • Background on The Lexile Framework for Reading
  • Information on the Common Core State Standards and Lexile measures
  • Essential information on Lexile measures and text complexity
  • Current research on the Lexile Framework for Reading
  • The elements of text measurement
  • An introduction to "Find a Book" and other Lexile resources
  • An Overview of El Sistema Lexile, the Spanish Lexile Framework for Reading
  • Participant teach back on the Lexile Framework


Upon completion of the Lexile-Certified Training course, each trainer will be certified to present information on The Lexile Framework for Reading as part of a half day information session or as a shorter module of an existing professional development module.

To qualify for the Lexile–Certified Training course, participants must:

  • Be employed by a professional development organization (individual consultants will not be considered at this time. Click here if your school district is interested in a Train-the-Trainer Lexile workshop).
  • Agree to the terms of the agreement governing the Lexile-Certification Training course and professional development organizations, including:
    • Attend and participate in the MetaMetrics hosted Lexile-Certification Training course to be held in Durham, N.C.
    • Agree that only MetaMetrics certified facilitators will be authorized to conduct the Lexile informational sessions; and that, furthermore; only certified facilitators are authorized to utilize the training material provided to the participant by MetaMetrics as part of the certification process.
    • Agree to present Lexile information in accordance with the standards outlined during the certification process.
    • Agree that changes, edits, deletions, additions, and modifications of any kind will not be made to the training material provided by MetaMetrics without the prior permission of MetaMetrics.

Interested in learning more? Please contact Chris Swartzel at to discuss what MetaMetrics can do for your organization.