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  • Lexile Basics

    This set of papers provides basic information about the Lexile Framework—how it operates and how to use it.

  • Lexile Theory & Foundations

    These papers detail and discuss the theoretical background of the Lexile Framework for Reading and other technical aspects of Lexile measures.

  • Research Using Lexile Measures

    Numerous research studies have utilized Lexile reader measures and/or Lexile text measures. These studies include research in the educational field, as well as other fields such as health care. Some of these studies utilize the products that report Lexile measures, but are not part of the research support reported in the "Products Using Lexile" section.

  • Lexile Measures in Publications

    These books and articles discuss or reference Lexile measures and theory.

  • Products Using Lexile Measures

    Follow these links to partner sites to find the research behind educational products that use the Lexile Framework for Reading.

  • Lexile Measures & Early Reading

    The research behind the more precise measurement of K–2 content has been presented at numerous conferences and cited in prominent publications. This section contains a list of these articles along with summaries. To learn more about Lexile measures and beginning readers, visit