Online Periodical Databases

Ever wonder how to access a variety of free text resources that match your child's or student's reading ability? Nearly every state across the country offers free access to periodical database services for educators, parents, students, and other citizens. These periodical database services provide Lexile measures for millions of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as encyclopedia and reference content. Database providers include EBSCO, Gale, Grolier, ProQuest, and others. For a complete list of database providers that offer Lexile measures, visit

For a list of available databases containing Lexile measured texts by state, please see our Guide to Online Periodical Databases Offering Lexile Measures. Talk to your school or district media specialist about accessing these online databases and the Lexile measured texts they contain or visit the website for your state for more information.


*Products and services listed above are a sampling of those that provide Lexile text measures. For a complete list, see the Guide to Online Periodical Databases Offering Lexile Measures.


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