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Lexile measures power the world’s best reading products.

Lexile Reader Measures

Test publishers and ed tech developers partner with us so their products can report student ability and progress in Lexile measures. More than 200 companies have products and resources that report Lexile measures.

Lexile Text Measures

More than 100 million books, articles and websites have Lexile text measures. These texts have been analyzed using our algorithm that evaluates semantic and syntactic characteristics. Once reading content has received a Lexile text measure, educators can match the content to students who’ve received a Lexile reader measure in the appropriate range.

We work with the best educational companies in the business, such as:

  • Testing/assessment developers.
  • Content developers, publishers, book sellers and book distributors.
  • Ed tech companies.
  • Curriculum development companies.

See Who’s Using Lexile Measures

Get to know our certified Lexile partners that provide Lexile measures for their books and articles, and partners that develop different types of assessment products, like high stakes, interim benchmark, international and Spanish.

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