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Using Lexile measures to support your child’s reading is an excellent place to start. We’ve developed online tools as well as tips and resources to help you find the right materials for your child’s reading level, help build their vocabulary and make reading a regular part of the family routine.

Learn more about the tools that you can use at home:

  • Find a Book searches for, and make lists of, books that match your child’s interests and reading level. You can also use the tool to look up the Lexile text measures of books.
  • PowerV is a free vocabulary building tool.
  • Free text resources to find just-right magazine, newspaper and encyclopedia articles.
  • Strategies to support readers at any level.
  • 21 questions to ask your child about a book.
  • Mobile apps to support reading on the go.

Studies of family involvement in literacy show that parental involvement is essential to children’s reading skill growth (NELP Report*).

Find “Just Right” Books

Build reading lists that are tailored to your child’s unique reading level and interests.

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