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Spanish Reading Framework Serves Students, Educators and Parents

El Sistema Lexile® para Leer, the reading framework for Spanish, is an integral tool for schools across the United States. Just like the Lexile® Framework for Reading, a student’s Spanish Lexile reader measure can help match with appropriately challenging texts with Spanish Lexile measures. Also, Spanish Lexile measures help monitor student progress in reading over time. 

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Search for Spanish and bilingual books at your student’s reading ability using the "Books in Spanish" toggle in the upper right corner of our Lexile® Find a Book tool.

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Lexile Measure Ranges for Spanish Text in Grades 1-12

A MetaMetrics’ study begun in 2017 examined Spanish texts in grades 1-5 from a sample of states where statewide textbook adoptions were common practice. The study confirmed that, like English text complexity, Spanish text complexity increases across grades 1-5 and varies within each grade.

Grade   Beginning of Year End of Year
1 450L  540L
2 505L 655L
3 635L  740L
4 700L 810L
5 730L 870L
6 760L 940L
7-8 795L 995L
9-12 960L 1070L

* These text ranges represent approximately the middle 50 percent of the distribution of text complexity measures for each grade level.

Read our research describing this work: The Spanish Text Complexity Continuum in Grades 1-5 and The Spanish Text Complexity Continuum in Grades 1-12