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Students get a Lexile® measure from an assessment of English language arts or reading. This could be the state test or another standardized test like NWEA’s MAP Growth or Istation. See our national student norms data at for grade level comparisons.

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Compare Lexile measures with grade levels using Lexile® Grade Level Charts.


Our new Lexile Grade Level Charts can help educators and parents see how students compare to their peers. Explore Lexile student measures by:

  • Grade level (K-12)
  • Time of year for test administration (beginning, middle, or end of year)
  • Student percentiles

Download a PDF or print a customized chart to use in reports or share with others.

What About College and Career Readiness?

Another MetaMetrics study found that individuals typically encounter texts around 1300L in their initial postsecondary college and career experiences, higher than high school textbooks that are around 1100L. For ideas on closing this text complexity gap, see our Lexile Text Ranges for College and Career Readiness chart.

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What About Text Measures and Grade Levels for Spanish Texts?

See our Lexile Measure Ranges for Spanish Text for Grades 1-5 chart based on another MetaMetrics’ study.

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