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It’s a good bet that your child has received one or more Lexile measures during elementary, middle or high school through a test or reading program. More than half of the country’s K–12 students — that’s over 35 million U.S. students from all 50 states — receive Lexile measures every year. Over 65 popular reading assessments and programs and half of all state assessments report student reading abilities as Lexile measures. Learn more about:

How Do Lexile Measures Help Your Child?

The Lexile® Framework for Reading provides valuable information for you and your child, and your child’s teachers and librarians. Lexile measures:

  • Allow educators to personalize learning for your child, putting them on the path to success in school, college and career.
  • Provide an actionable tool to help your children be more confident and engaged in reading.
  • Help you, as a parent, easily find books that match your child’s reading level using the free Lexile® Find a Book tool.
  • Give you a talking point to discuss your child’s reading progress with their teacher.