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When your child reads books within their Lexile range, there will always be some words your child doesn’t know. Anticipating what those words might be and helping your child understand them can increase your child’s enjoyment of the book as well as grow their vocabulary.

More than 350,000 books in the Find a Book database include a robust vocabulary tool called PowerV. The PowerV Vocabulary tool identifies up to 10 challenging words in each book that are important for readers to know. It can also provide customized vocabulary lists and forecast comprehension for your child.

Making a List with PowerV

Before your child even starts reading the book, you can create a personalized vocabulary list to look over together. First, access PowerV by selecting an individual book detail page using Find a Book tool. As you can see from the example, PowerV provides you with a general suggested vocabulary list. To get a customized list for your child, enter their Lexile reader measure to generate a tailored vocabulary list.

Example of PowerV vocab words displaying on a book's detail page on "Find a Book"

Support Vocabulary Development

Help your child increase reading comprehension by going over a customized list of vocabulary words that are available on a book's detail page on Find a Book.

Access PowerV