The Lexile PowerV Vocabulary Tool

The Lexile PowerV® Vocabulary Tool offers a new vocabulary tool that provides vocabulary lists for over 125,000 books. The Lexile PowerV Vocabulary Tool identifies up to 10 challenging words in each book that are important for students to know. These words may be difficult for a student who is targeted with the book. Educators can use the tool to select words for vocabulary instruction, while parents and students can use the tool to identify words students might want to familiarize themselves with prior to reading a particular book.

Users can access the PowerV by selecting an individual book detail page when performing a search using "Find a Book" or the Quick Book Search tool. PowerV can also be used to forecast comprehension and get targeted vocabulary for a particular reader based on their Lexile reader measure. Enter your reader’s Lexile measure and receive expected comprehension and a customized vocabulary list.

  • Lexile PowerV uses a book to select words that will be challenging, relevant, and consequential to a student when reading a book. Lexile PowerV uses the following criteria to determine which words are most important for a student to know. 
    • Using the Lexile scale, harder words are identified by selecting words that are above the Lexile measure of the text. 
    • The consequence and relevance of the words are considered. To determine this, a combination of factors are examined including:
      • How important is a word to the text? Words that appear more frequently in this particular book than in texts generally are identified. These are words that are important for understanding the main themes and topics in the text.
      • What is the size of the word family? Words that have a number of prefixed and suffixed forms are identified. These are words that allow students to apply word knowledge to several other forms of the word and help them expand their vocabulary.
      • On how many word lists is the word included? Words that appear on other word lists are identified. These are words that are academic and important for success in school.

Lexile PowerV is available to be licensed by our partner educational companies for a variety of applications. Learn more about licensing Lexile PowerV here

Sample Display of PowerV for Anne Frank: