Help Classroom Teachers Differentiate Instruction

Lexile measures make differentiated instruction fast and easy. If you know the Lexile measures of students and the resources available to teachers, you can help teachers match students with reading materials at their ability level across all the content areas.

Lexile measures across the curriculum

You can anticipate each teacher's next module or unit by preparing a resource set for their specific students:

  • Ask if you can level their curriculum.
  • Look at student Lexile measures on the class roster.
  • Build a content-area reference list.
  • Find reading materials at the Lexile level of each student.

Remember those course packs of articles in your college courses? You can do them for 3rd-grade earth science!

Lexile measures for book baskets

Many elementary school classrooms and libraries have book baskets of popular and developmentally appropriate books. However, the books in these baskets probably have varying readability levels. You can use Lexile measures to make these baskets better fit your students' needs.


For themed or alphabetical baskets, color-code books by Lexile zone with spine stickers. You also could make some baskets by Lexile zone. Below grade-level readers, in particular, gain confidence if they know they can pick a book that they'll be able to read.